Linda Bance

Linda Bance lives and works in Royston as a musician and music teacher. She runs music sessions for families with young children and leads the Women’s choral group, WomenSing. She can be contacted via email at
The Four Pillar Plan by Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Today I am feeling lucky! Lucky that I live in Royston and work with people. As a musician, teacher and researcher I thrive on working with people. From singing with young families and young, composing, mentoring teachers and students, preparing to run choir sessions or seminars my role requires me to be energetic, current and alert. Reading is something that supports this not only about music related issues but also about health in particular mental health. I believe that music not only holds the key to learning, but can have a huge effect on our mental well-being and I am passionate about this.
Five years ago I came across health professional Dr Rangan Chatterjee and was interested in the way he helped people with their health issues from weight gain, to anxiety , sleep problems and staying fit. Dr Rangan was appearing on the television at the time ( Doctor in the House) and had published a book which I read and used not only for my own health but also to support a project I was running with new parents and postnatal depression .
Dr Rangan’s Book The 4 Pillar Plan is based on cutting edge scientific research and his years of experience as a GP in Manchester. By prioritising four key pillars of our lives- Relaxation, Food, Movement and Sleep Dr Rangan believes we are all capable of taking our health and our happiness into our own hands.
This book has not only fed me with inspiration for my work but has had a huge impact on my own health and the way I look at life. As a yogi and nature lover I am always interested in learning about natural ways to improve mental and physical well-being. In this book I not only learnt theories to match my practice but simple ideas to use myself and pass on to others.
Using breathing and mindfulness, exercise and careful healthy eating he suggests small ways to improve our lifestyle. I cannot recommend this book enough to anybody short of time, but wanting to get more out of life and see the world as a better place.

Here is one idea from the book to try. It takes just 2 minutes to learn and do and can easily be slipped into your day. The benefits are almost immediate.
3,4,5 breathing
Find 2 minutes in your day, maybe outside, in the kitchen or in the car ( not when driving) to be still.
Breath in for 3 seconds,
Hold your breath for 4 seconds
Breathe out for 5 seconds.
By doing this regularly as cleaning your teeth you will find that your mind feels more clear and you might also feel more energised, focused and able to relieve a stressful moment.
I have gone on to read more from this doctor and hope that some of you might find this book really interesting and useful.